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Kelowna interior designer brings British delicacies to Okanagan.

A Kelowna entrepreneur continues to be active in the community, this time by bringing in a sweet and fun store.


Who do you really want to be?


Workplace: How to Jazz up a Plain Wall


Human Connection in the workplace


Workplace: Renderings to Reality

Did COVID-19 make you reconsider your working life?! Like, viscerally make you wonder why you do this thing (whatever your thing) every single day?

Do you have that one wall in your home or office  that’s HUGE but blank, and you just don’t know what to do with it? A space can be fully furnished and accessorized but still feel like its missing something.

So. Are y’all fed up with the work from home articles, the get-fit apps, the hard sell on home office equipment..? Ya. Me too. 

Successful interior design happens when we are able to create a cohesive and unique space that reflects the clients wishes, and is as functional as possible.

In The News

Kelowna design firm re-imagines workplaces after COVID-19.


Workplace: Reducing Stress


No ‘effing’ beige

In the News

Spearheading the future of design

A Kelowna-based commercial interior design firm is looking ahead to when workers go back to their offices once the pandemic is over.

Stress can creep up on everyone from time to time, especially when it comes to work.  Our surroundings play a huge role in the way we go about our day, which is why your office of all places should be inspiring!

No, really. Don’t be afraid of colour. Colour ROCKS. Colour isn’t “brave” – it’s easy, interchangeable, versatile. Sure, colour can make a space less austere, it can lighten or brighten a room, yes – colour can be used to highlight different areas, or hide them, but it’s so much more. I want to open your eyes to colour… it’s a beautiful tool for expressing who you are.

Interior designer Jules Galloway combines the science of design with mental health because to her it’s not just about functionality, but also about creating healthy workspaces.


The happy green stuff


Be Kind

The Early Days

An Interview with Jules Galloway


We are excited to share more us, with you!

We don’t spend enough time outside in nature. It’s a fact. We need this stuff for our emotional wellbeing and, no sh*t, spending eight hours a day inside staring at a screen, with (if we’re lucky) some natural light reminding us that we are actually inside rather than breathing that air outside, our emotional wellbeing is really not being pampered the way it should be. 

It’s Pink Shirt Day week!

Who doesn’t love pink, c’mon… it’s PINK! Fresh from the amazingly orchestrated 5th Annual Pink Shirt Day breakfast in support of the Okanagan Boys & Girls Club I, for one, am pumped. The dialogue has changed from something we should stop doing – anti-bullying – to something we should start doing – being kind. Pretty simple, huh? Being kind makes us happy, and random acts of kindness make others happy so why the heck not, get your “kind” on, friends, let’s make this workplace a happier place.

The Inside Scoop on Affinity Hall.

Talking with Jules Galloway, the owner of Evolve Interiors and her new venture Hub Office Furniture, about her work with coLab. We hope you enjoy this retrospective on the Affinity Hall project and the numerous other renovations, big and small, that are enabling coLab to serve members better.

We will not only let you more about us but share some with you design inspiration, ideals and advice.  We hope you enjoy reading our posts.

with love,

Jules and evolve design | build team


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