HomeSpace Planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process.

Functional Space Planning is much more than fitting people into a space… at least it is for us!

There are lots of elements required in a space to make it functional. Whether we are planning out a new space, renovating an existing space, or simply moving people from one space to another, our approach is always the same. We adapt the design to the surroundings to ensure maximum comfort, productivity, and wellness for all end users.

Ergonomics and comfort are key in a thriving work environment. We make it a priority to specify furniture and products that are not only intuitive but supportive to the body. Proper seating and technology for example can reduce long term injuries to the body such as carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic neck and back pain, and frequent headaches. We are passionate about designing spaces that avoid all these issues. By planning with proximity in mind and coordinating all the elements in the space to reduce strain on the human body, we can ensure that all the end users will receive maximum comfort.

Spaces that can operate efficiently contribute to great productivity. Circulation zones, private vs public spaces, wayfinding, and strategic adjacency are all a part of our functional planning process. We want your space to be easy to manoeuvre for staff and guests while also being aesthetically pleasing. With us, it is definitely function before form.

Lastly and most importantly, wellness is a pillar in our functional space planning mindset. To be successful and productive in our place of work, we all require access to natural light, greenery, views of nature, filtered water, thermal comfort, and much more. These factors help us configure our layouts with the health and wellness of the end user in mind.

A space can look beautiful, but that is not enough… If it does not function beautifully, then it is not a success. We know functional space planning. It is what we do best!

Let us show you how your space can look beautiful and be incredibly functional at the same time.

functional space plans in current commercial spaces

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need to rethink your space?

Being passionate about how space “works”, we are here to help.

Where to start? What do they do with extra furniture? How do they re-organise the space?

With our knowledge and experience, we will make the process smooth and easy to understand, considering every aspect.  Your team deserves a functional space.

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Great organizations like yours deserve a great work space.
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