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Feasibility & Production
Understand what you have, what you need, and whether you can stay or whether you really need to go. We help you find or make the right space.
RFP & Budget Analysis
With decades of experience in the commercial interior renovation business, we become the middle man, but this middle man is the one that you actually want!
Workflow & Space Design
Environmental considerations of natural light, privacy, security, healthy workspaces are all factored in at this stage. We translate all this information into layout drawings and open them up for discussion.
Interior Office Design
From colour, to finish, we incorporate your Corporate Culture and Branding into the new space. Of course, we always include for general design, flooring, paint, tile, in the ‘back end’ as well as the WOW areas of your workplace.
Furniture & Fixtures
This specification service is where we add all of the final touches to your new space. From door handles to soap dispensers, we make sure that your new space meets every need with your business values in mind at every stage. FF&E.
Full Build Management
Taking care of everything from costing through contractors. On your approval of designs and plans, we take care of the entire project so you can concentrate on your business.
Moving & Installation
From furniture and equipment installation to helping move you back into your office. We help take care of the details so you can remain productive.
Finishing & Cleaning
Professional cleaning, moving, installation... anything down to the candy dish being filled at reception. We will take care of all of the ``little things`` that allow you to get productive in your new space as soon as possible.

LEADERS IN COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGN | BUILD PROJECTSFact: Commercial spaces house organizations, but they’re meant to serve people.

Your organization is more than just the four walls around you.  It is more than just a location and a set of equipment.

Your organization is a collective of smart, talented, ultra-motivated people who are invested in your success. People who want to use their skills to do paradigm-shifting work every single day.

But the people who work for you are exactly that – people. And people are highly sensitive to their environments.

Every design choice you make has implications for how the people using your space will behave. From the kind of light bulbs you place in your lamps to the style of furniture in the reception area to where you put the coffee machine.  Even something as seemingly innocuous as the color of your ceiling could have an impact on your staff’s job performance, job satisfaction, and work ethic.

It’s time for a commercial space that works for your team.

We do it all – from building measurement and drafting to interior design, fit testing, feasibility studies, project management, and more, evolve uses a comprehensive interdisciplinary strategy to create work spaces that fit around people.


Great organizations like yours deserve a great work space.
For functional commercial interiors design | build with a human element, contact us today.

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