Successful interior design happens when we are able to create a cohesive and unique space that reflects the clients wishes, and is as functional as possible. An important part of our job is to translate a design to a client, before a space even begins construction. As designers, we see the design in our heads from front to back, almost like virtual reality. We want our client to see what we see, and the best way we communicate that is through 3D realistic digital renderings.

We present our designs using many different methods including 2D space plans, hand renderings, and material boards. Realistic renderings are our favorite method because they allow us to showcase all of those aspects in one image! By having the ability to import exact paint colours and finishes, furniture, lighting and accessories, we are able to show clients exactly how their future space will look. As our technologies advance, there’s always new ways to make our renderings even more effective for us, and our clients. Let’s walk through some renderings from our previous projects.

Capri CMW – Kitchen Reno

In this kitchen, the rendering allows us to show how much natural light will flood into the space and brighten it overall. We are able to place the exact furniture pieces and their finishes to be as accurate as possible.

Landmark 7

By including silhouettes or people in the renderings, we can help the client visualize the different proximities and proportions of certain areas.

3D rendering allows us to present how the lighting features in our designs will look. We are able to control the reflectance and the colour temperature to fit our specifications.

Rose Valley Veterinary Clinic

By dressing up this veterinary space with some accessories, artwork and even pets, it personalizes the design right away!

It’s all in the details! Adding plants and binders to the shelves, as well as some elements on the meeting table make it easier to imagine yourself using this space.

These wood slats with integrated lighting would be hard to describe without a rendering. Here we can see how the floor finishes, millwork and ceiling all come together in one zone.

Renderings can be extremely realistic sometimes to the point where they can be mistaken for photos! We love the way they help us during our design process, but especially love the way they help our clients interpret their future space. Let us know if we can help you with this service!


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