Stress can creep up on everyone from time to time, especially when it comes to work. Whether it’s deadlines, long hours, or just a tough day, stress can put a stunt in our motivation and our productivity and mental health can take a hit. Our surroundings play a huge role in the way we go about our day, which is why your office of all places should be inspiring!

Interior design is so powerful and has the ability to affect our mood positively, if executed properly. We’ve implemented a few simple design-based strategies in our own office to reduce stress, and they’ve proven effective! We’d love to share them with you.

1. Biophilia

Plants have the amazing power of effecting our wellbeing. Studies have shown that spaces lacking greenery have a negative effect, but incorporating foliage into your space can reduce psychological and physiological stress! We incorporate biophilia in our office through LOTS of plants, and in our detailed carpet tile.

2. Lighting

Different light levels have different effects, and it’s an important thing to consider. Proper lighting can enhance our decision making, and put us into a more positive mood. Exposure to natural light is important for our circadian rhythms, helping us sleep properly and be more productive during the day, while softer low lighting can be more relaxing. If all these factors are considered within a space, stress levels can be reduced. We’ve ensured the task areas in our office are placed against large windows, allowing natural light can positively influence us all day. Softer glowing decorative fixtures are placed in other areas of our office to create a relaxing experience.

3. Minimalism

Studies show that excessive clutter leads to stress. As fun as it is to have lots of décor and funky items around, overdoing it can have negative effects. The new minimalism is about a small selection of carefully curated, meaningful objects. We make sure our space is kept tidy and fresh, and to limit the amount of clutter, we only keep our favorite objects on display.

We hope this gives you some ideas of simple ways to reduce stress in your work place!


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